How to Prep Your Screened-in Porch for a Hurricane

Hurricane Screen Porch Prep

Living on the coast has many benefits; however, dealing and prepping for a hurricane is not one of them. Many coastal homes also feature screened-in porches allowing homeowners to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. When a Hurricane warning is issued, it’s important that you begin to prep your home for the incoming storm, and this includes prepping your screened in porch. Here are some tips for prepping your porch for a hurricane.

Place All Furniture Inside

The first thing you should do when prepping your screened-in porch for a hurricane is to move all furniture to inside your home. This includes tables, chairs, cushions, lamps, televisions, etc. Not only can these items become damaged during a storm, but they can also damage your porch screening or become airborne and cause damage to other parts of your house or neighboring houses.

Remove Your Screen Porch Door

If you are wanting to protect your screen porch door and prevent it from being ripped off the hinges, then simply remove it and place it inside your house or garage. While this might allow water into your screen porch, it will prevent the door from ripping off and flying through the air, damaging other parts of your house or neighboring houses.

Consult Your Screen Porch Manufacturer

As a coastal South Carolina manufacturer, Screen Tight understands the importance of hurricane testing their products. All of Screen Tight’s products have been windspeed tested. When considering additional measures to protect your screened-in porch, it’s important to consult your screen porch manufacturer and inquire about windspeed tests.

Our Screen Wall and MeshGuard systems were specifically designed for harsh, coastal environments. Both systems are designed to be more durable than the average screening system. Our Screen Wall system has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 120 mph.

Check out this video of our Screen Wall wind speed test.

You can never be over prepared, especially in the case of a hurricane. If you are in the path of a hurricane, whether a category 1 or a category 5, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety first and foremost, and the safety of your property, including your screened-in porch.