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Better Homes & Gardens’ Do It Yourself Magazine chose Mini Track for their screened patio project feature.

The project features a patio in a midcentury home in Des Moines, Iowa that was fashioned into a second living room. With the goal of gaining bonus space for entertaining friends, the homeowners chose Mini Track for a budget-friendly solution for rehabbing the covered patio.

Here’s a preview of the article: “The 1970s screen framing was rotting, and the concrete floor was dirty and neglected,” Joseph says. With the goal of gaining bonus space for entertaining friends, he brainstormed budget-friendly solutions for rehabbing the covered patio. While rescreening the structure seemed daunting, removing the screens and leaving the patio open to the bugs was not an acceptable option.

With the discovery of a screen system that could be customized to fit the space and that they could install themselves, the patio was fashioned into a second living room. They then added a trellis along one wall and a mini bar that withstands the elements. “We hang out there most evenings in the spring and summer, and our favorite thing is sitting out there during a thunderstorm,” Joseph says. The article shows the benefits of the simple aluminum screening system and provides a simple tutorial on how to install a screened-in patio.

The article shows how to install the Mini Track System:

DIY Magazine How to Install Mini Track

And features photos of the completed screened-in patio renovation:

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The project is a great overview of how Mini Track can revitalize an old patio!

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