The Coastal Living Idea House Screen Porch

Coastal Living Idea House 2018

Screen Tight is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Coastal Living Idea House located in Habersham, South Carolina. The entire house is well thought out and impeccably designed but it’s the home’s outdoor living spaces that make it truly special. The elevated screened-in porch features a unique integration of our MeshGuard and Mini Track screening systems. The architectural designer of the home, Eric Moser, definitely aligns philosophically with what we’re all about here at Screen Tight — the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. He and his team designed the porch as an extension of the living room, with similar scale and built-in climate control with the prevailing winds from the southwest to ensure there is always a breeze. A fireplace was also integrated in the porch design to extend the living area throughout the colder months.

I like to create as many opportunities as possible for homeowners to turn off the AC and open up their houses…the idea is to remove any barriers from spending time outdoors.” – Eric Moser, Coastal Living September 2018 Issue

The Habersham-based residential designer also said “The beauty of our natural environment is why we live here, so I want to design a home that always reminds its owners of what’s around them.”

Coastal Living Idea House 2018
Coastal Living Idea House 2018 patio and screened porch.

Another member of the Idea House team was Allen Patterson of Allen Patterson Residential, a member of the Southern Living Custom Home Builder Program. Patterson has discerning taste when it comes to the building products he chooses for a project. “Build a house that requires as little maintenance as possible” he said. “The building products out there today are so good, they really allow you to enjoy what you’ve built.” It was Allen Patterson who selected MeshGuard as an alternative to traditional balusters below the screen porch handrail. The result is an unobstructed view to the expansive patio below the raised porch as well as an improved line of sight to the gorgeous Lowcountry marsh views. The September issue of Coastal Living is out now and you can tour the Idea House in Habersham through October 28, 2018. Check out for more photos and schedule a tour today!

This home is an example of how to use MeshGuard below the rail, separately from a different porch screening system above. Here’s a close up photo:

Coastal Living Idea House
Drink rail and close up of MeshGuard and Mini Track screening systems.