Can You Screen in a Condo Porch?: 3 Things You Should Know

Condo Screen Porch

Just because you live in a condominium, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxuries of a screened-in porch. Condo screen porches can require a little more thought and planning, but with the right plan and right tools, you too can enjoy your morning coffee from the comfort of your screened-in porch. Here are three things you should know about screening in a condo porch.

1. Check with Your HOA First

Before you start planning and estimating materials for your project, you need to check with your homeowner’s association (HOA) and ensure a screened-in porch is permitted. Most condominiums have some type of HOA or community association where projects must be approved.

If a screened-in porch is not permitted by your HOA, don’t give up. Inquire why. It could be that the HOA wants to ensure a certain look around the complex and they may not be up to date with the newest and most innovative forms of porch screening that we offer here at Screen Tight.

For example, if you can provide your HOA with plans showing how you can get rid of the pickets or balusters on your porch and ensuring code compliance by using MeshGuard, they may approve the plans.

2. Verify If You Need to Work with a Contractor

Many times HOA’s may approve the work, but will want you to work with one of their approved contractors. This ensures them that the work will be professionally done and up to their standards. In the event of a natural disaster, this also ensures that the work is up to code.

Even if your HOA doesn’t require you to use a contractor, it may be beneficial just to consult them before biting off more than you can chew. Condominiums can pose a little more forethought and planning due to the close proximity of neighbors.

3. Determine Screening Type and Materials Necessary

The last, but certainly not least thing you need to consider is the type of screening your porch will require and other materials necessary. If you have an existing porch structure you can typically use our Original Screen Tight Screening System. Additionally, you can use our new MeshGuard product to remove pickets and balusters below the handrail.

If you do not have an existing porch structure, your best bet may be our Screen Wall system. This system can be used with or without an existing porch structure.

Once you’ve decided what type of screening works best for you, download our Porch Planning Worksheet to get an estimate of the materials required. If you still don’t know what type of screening works best for your porch or have any questions regarding your project, feel free to reach out to one of our Porch Pro’s who will guide you through the process.