Screen Porch Planning: Estimating Materials

Wrap-Around Porch with MeshGuard and Screen Tight

If you haven’t already, go back and read step one of our screen porch planning series, which includes everything you need to know about sketching your new screen porch. This information will be vital, when it comes to step two, estimating your screening materials. Sketching your dream screen porch is a great first step, but you really need to know how much materials you are going to need and how much it is going to cost to make this dream a reality. How do you go about estimating materials?

Label Sketch with Measurements

Once you have a good sketch of the design you want, get accurate measurements. Many people think in square footage for home projects, but it’s all about linear feet with screen porch planning. Measure the outer perimeter of your openings and any additional vertical or horizontal elements (posts and rails) that are part of your design.

Screen Porch Planning Guide

Determine Variables and Choose Your Ideal Screening System

After obtaining your measurements you will need to determine if there are any variables to account for and what your best screening solution will be. Variables include things like framing doors, deciding how you would like to mount your system, and what type of materials you will be using (aluminum or vinyl components).

Many of our screening systems come standard in 8 foot lengths so you must convert your measurements into supply counts. This is easy with a simple formula. We also recommend adding 10% to make sure you have enough material to complete your project.

Example calculation for estimating the number of Screen Tight base components needed for a small porch:

  • Horizontal Width of Porch: 505 inches
  • Screen Tight Base Length: 96 inches (8 feet)
  • 505 inches divided by 96 inches = 5.2 units
  • Add 10% and round up = 6 base components needed

You can use this simple calculation for 8 foot lengths of any of our screen porch systems.

Use our Screen Porch Calculator

Our screen porch calculators make the math quick and easy. formulas n help you get basic supply counts estimated and you can take your numbers into one of our retailers or buy online. Currently, we have calculators available for MeshGuard (with or without Screen Tight above the handrail) and Screen Wall. We are in the process of developing calculators for Screen Tight (without MeshGuard), Screen Block, Fast Track, and Mini Track.

If you have questions about materials needed for you project, or if you are looking for a general ballpark price, feel free to reach out with your drawings to our Porch Pro.