Pet Friendly Screen Door Options

We all love our pets, but sometimes even the most well behaved pets can cause damage to screen doors. It’s frustrating, but it happens. If you are looking for a durable screen door to prevent pet damage, here are some screen door options for you.

Screen Doors with Pet Doors

Pets love to roam. Why not give the option to freely roam inside and out of the house with a screen door with a pet door insert? Giving your pet the freedom to come and go through your door is probably the most effective way to protect your door.

The pet flaps on the screen door have lock-out panels so you can optionally prevent them from coming through. Our Chesapeake wood and vinyl screen doors come with this built-in pet door. The pet doors come in two sizes, medium (for dogs weighing 13 to 35 lbs) and extra large (for dogs weighing 36 to 90 lbs).

Doors with Extended Height Bottom Panels

If you have a smaller pet that doesn’t jump, doors with a taller bottom panel could do the job. Some of these doors include:

Screen Door Metal Pet Grilles

Pet grilles can be purchased as an easy add-on to protect your screen door. These are a versatile solution that can mount to most screen doors. Our Century, Liberty and Woodcraft wood screen doors all have this pet grille built in.

Replace Standard Screen with Pet Screen

For many screen doors you can simply replace the standard screen with extra tough pet screen. This screen is tear resistant and super durable. This allows you to keep your preferred style without sacrificing durability.

Decorative Screen Door Inserts

We have decorative screen door inserts that offer a moderate level of protection. Some “persistent” pets may be able to get their claws through, but these work for less “active” pets. Our inserts range in style from Cattails for a coastal look, to Basketweave for a more designer look, and everything in between. Our inserts fit into our Woodcraft and Vinylcraft doors.