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If you are blessed enough to have a water view, then you need a place you can enjoy it. Screen porches are valuable additions on lakeside houses due to their ability to provide homeowners a place to relax and enjoy the view, without having to worry about bugs or other outdoor elements. Screen Tight’s founder, Guerry Green, was recently featured on discussing screen porch technology and why homeowners are turning to Screen Tight for their lakeside porches.

Screened In Porch Technology in 2020

In the Lake Homes article titled, “Screened In Porch Technology in 2020”, Green, discussed the latest screen porch products for lake houses including material alternatives and solutions for wide openings.

Screen porches in the past used to be solely made from wood. While the original Screen Tight screening system is still a bestseller, more and more customers are opting for other materials.

“Aluminum and vinyl systems have been popular recently, and these styles are also low maintenance. A hot trend this year is a black border around the screen.” Green stated in the article,

The article also highlighted the need for screening for wider openings. When you buy a lakefront house, you want to be able to enjoy the views that come with such, without obstruction. According to Green, “A design trend that we see is larger openings of 12 to 15 feet in the screened porch. It’s popular in Florida, but now we see it everywhere. It all goes back to having an unobstructed view.”

One way to do this is to utilize MeshGuard. MeshGuard is a proprietary, code-compliant system from Screen Tight designed to eliminate the need for pickets or balusters. MeshGuard can screen sections up to 6 ft x 3 feet below the handrail to create a wide open view to the outdoors. Above the rail, any of our screening systems can be used for openings over 100 square feet.

Screen porches are worthwhile addition to any home. For waterfront homes including lake houses, screen porches are almost a necessity. After all, you paid for that view, why not enjoy it, bug-free and free of the outdoor elements?

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