The Screen Project Part 3: The End is Near

The Screen Project Part 3: The End is Near

For those who haven’t been following along, here is a brief recap of Eric and Tracey’s Screen Project.

Wisconsin homeowners, Eric and Tracey, decided that 2020 was the year they were going to replace their existing screen porch. Using Screen Tight’s Mini Track system, they replaced their three-sided, riverside screen porch. The project has had its ups and down, but now Eric and Tracey are in the final stages of their project.

The End is Near

After taking some time off due to holidays and weather, Eric and Tracey re-embark on their screen porch project. They soon discover that one side of their existing porch structure is rotting and will need to be replaced. Two days and $500 in materials later, they replaced the wall and began re-screening the section.

Re-screening took significantly less time since this was their third and final section that needed to be screened. They were able to get in a good rhythm of installing the top of the screen and bottom of the screen first, and then stretching the screen to install the sides. Eric and Tracey were able to screen the last four windows in the same amount of time it took them to do the very first window.

With that, these Wisconsin homeowners were able to complete their project. Eric summarized his experience with Mini Track stating, “We love the results. The Mini Track system by Screen Tight overall was easy to install, didn’t break the bank, and it looks great!”.

Eric and Tracey are looking forward to enjoying their screen porch for years to come.

Stay tuned for the final episode of the series where Eric and Tracey provide a full recap of their project and five things you need to know before starting your project.