Screen Enclosure System

Screen Tight currently ships aluminum screen enclosures only to select markets in Florida.

Tools & Supplies

Aluminum Framework

Screen Enclosure Hardware

Enclosure Hardware

Fiber Glass Screen

Fiberglass Screen

Square Spline

Flat Spline

Roller Knife Screen Tool


Chop Saw or Hacksaw

Chop Saw or Handsaw

Power Drill

Power Drill

Caulk Gun

Caulk Gun

How to Build a Screen Enclosure

Our aluminum screen enclosures are designed to be constructed on an existing deck or concrete slab and consist of three different sizes of framework that work together.

Screen Enclosure Framework
Screen Enclosure Framework
Screen Enclosure Framework

When building a free-standing screen enclosure, we recommend checking with your local building code official before starting your project.

Download PDF Instructions

Getting Started with Building a Screen Enclosure

The first step is always to plan your enclosure by sketching out the basic configuration and dimensions. Our planning worksheet is a good starting point to create a visualization for yourself or your contractor.

Once you have a basic plan, you can then estimate supplies and components your will need based on your specific design. There are various types of screws and clips that are designed to attach the framework pieces, bracing and roof panels. The clips and include the Capri Clipwhich connects the side framework to top framework. The 2×2-in Angle connects base and side. The Castle Clip connects 2×2-in rail to vertical framework. And the Angle Gutter Brace/Strap that connects the gutter to vertical framework.

Screen Enclosure Diagram
Screen Enclosure Kickplate



Installing Additional Components, Doors & Screen

A kickplate panel is a common feature to screen enclosures that helps to keep dirt out of the living area and to add protection. To install a kickplate with our enclosure system, cut and slip the kickplate channel over the ends of the coil and simply fasten with screws.

The Screen Tight screen enclosure is compatible with our door jamb kit to make installing a screen door quick and easy. The kit includes the door frame and hinge needed to hang the door.

Once you have the screen enclosure framework installed, rolling the screen using spline and a Rollerknife screening tool. When installing screen, start with top horizontal, then sides and finally the bottom horizontal. Use a Rollerknife or sharp utility blade to cut excess screen.

Adding a Roof to Your Enclosure

There are many options for adding a roof to your screen enclosure. You may choose a “stick built” roof with
shingles to match your house or a screen roof for a pool enclosure. For these types of roofs, you will need to consult a local contractor. However, our system is compatible with aluminum enclosure roof components. Panels slide easily into position creating a snug fit and a Insert roof pan to curved lip edge and rotate down.

Install one roof pan at a time as they interlock with each other. Use caulk along the back of the wall header where the wall meets your home and around each screw head. Optional protector panels can be installed at same time as above and foam insulation can be installed inside roof pan before covering with protector panel.

Enclosure Roof

Need Project Support?

Contact us if you have any questions before, during or after installation of your screen enclosure.