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Pet Friendly Screen Door Options

We all love our pets, but sometimes even the most well behaved pets can cause [...]

How to Plan for Your Screen Door Opening

A crucial and often overlooked step in the screen porch planning process is planning for [...]

Roofing Solutions for Screen Porches

While deciding on a screening solution for your porch is a key component to the [...]

Three Common Types of Screening Projects

One size does not fit all when it comes to undertaking a screening project. Different [...]

Three Ways to Winterize Your Screen Porch

Updated Sep 2022 Summer has faded into fall and fall is slowly fading into winter. [...]

How to Prep Your Screened-in Porch for a Hurricane

Living on the coast has many benefits; however, dealing and prepping for a hurricane is [...]

How to Extend the Life of Your Screen Door

A screen door is a great way to bring fresh air into your home or [...]

MeshGuard Code Compliance: What You Should Know

MeshGuard has been subject to testing done by the ICC-ES and the results are published [...]

Paint Colors to Match Screen Tight Caps

When it comes to color, the subtle nuances make all the difference. To assist with [...]

Quick Overview of Screen Porch Guardrail Building Codes

Adding a screen porch to your home adds a lovely design element, but, more importantly, [...]

How to Build a Screen Porch onto an Existing Deck Structure

Screened Sanctuary: Enhance your existing deck’s privacy and protection By: Mike Berger. Each year blazing [...]

Do-It-Yourself DIY Screened Porch System

Screen Tight is the better way to replace or install porch screening. Article from Today’s [...]