Sullivan’s Island MeshGuard Installation: an Unobstructed Pool View

MeshGuard Installation on Sullivan's Island

Thanks to MeshGuard, this homeowner on Sullivan’s Island in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina can enjoy an unobstructed, code-compliant view of their pool, all from the comfort of their screened-in porch.

MeshGuard offers homeowners a way around the traditional pickets and balusters, due to it being fully compliant with building codes. MeshGuard has been approved by the ICC Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) for infill as large as 6 ft x 3 ft.

Pickets and balusters can obstruct up to 40% of the view. With kids playing a pool in the backyard, this 40% obstruction, can be dangerous. MeshGuard removes the need for pickets and allows this homeowner to see straight down to their pool.

MeshGuard Unobstructed Pool View
Unobstructed Pool View

In addition to MeshGuard, this screened-in porch also has Original Screen Tight screening on the top, providing expansive views of the landscape. The porch also has a fireplace, adding warmth and allowing the homeowner to utilize their screened-in porch during the chilly winter months.

Screened-in Porch with Fireplace
Screened-in Porch with Fireplace

From watching friends and family splash around in the pool, to relaxing by the fireplace, this homeowner now has a year round escape thanks to Screen Tight and MeshGuard!

MeshGuard Overview Video