How to Extend the Life of Your Screen Door

Heritage Screen Door

A screen door is a great way to bring fresh air into your home or add a nice design element to a screen porch. In an ideal world, our screen doors would last forever but being exposed to the elements and day-to-day use will begin to cause signs of aging. Here are some tips on how to get more life out of your screen door.

Opt for Vinyl Screen Doors

By nature, vinyl screen doors are more durable than wood screen doors. You may want to opt for a wood screen door because of the charming and traditional nature, but if you are looking for low-maintenance and longevity, vinyl screen doors may be your ideal choice.

Vinyl screen doors aren’t subject to the same wear and tear of wood screen doors. Some of the wear and tear that wood screen doors endure is due to sunlight and salt air.

Install a Turnbuckle

If you do opt for a wood screen door, you can add a brace and turnbuckle to help safeguard against warping and sagging. The brace is installed diagonally across the back of the screen door and includes two threaded rods. The threaded rods are held in place by a turnbuckle. This helps pull both ends of the screen door together to prevent it from sagging or warping.

Seal Your Wood Screen Door

All Screen Tight wood screen doors must be sealed prior to installation. You can also add additional protection by painting or staining your door. This will seal the wood, protect it from weather and extend the life of your door.

Replace Fiberglass Screen with Pet Screen

For both wooden and vinyl screen doors, you can replace the standard fiberglass screen with heavy-duty pet screening to prevent it from tearing. Pet screening is designed to withstand dog and cat claws making it stronger than traditional screening therefore giving your screen door more life.

Install a Pneumatic Door Closer

Pneumatic door closers are installed on the door jamb at the top or bottom of your door. A pneumatic door closer will enable a softer closing of your door. They work by compressing air when the door is open and then releasing this air causing the door to shut. This helps keep the door from widely swinging open and damaging the door and the hardware.

Purchase a Pressure Treated Screen Door

If buying a wood screen door, you can choose a pressure treated model. This means that the wood in the door is pressure treated leading to greater durability. Screen Tight has a variety of pressure treated screen doors to choose from.

All of Screen Tight’s doors are shipped with a door care guide and additional info for getting more life out of your door.

By following these tips, you can ensure your screen door will last for years to come.