Screen Wall Porch Framing & Screening System

A Premium Vinyl Porch Framing & Screening System

Screen Wall is the ideal solution for a durable, weather resistant porch.

Comprised of PVC vinyl reinforced with composite fiber additives, Screen Wall enables home pros and DIY home owners to create a clean, low maintenance porch that will stand the test of time.


Screen Wall Features & Benefits

Screen Wall
Vinyl / PVC Framing System
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2-in x 2-in tracks, 8-ft lengths
White PVC Vinyl with Composite Fiber Additives
Usable on Existing or Non-Existing Porch Frames
Create Porch Structural Elements Tested to Withstand Winds up to 120 mph
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Screen Wall features unrivaled wind resistance. Watch this video that shows how the system stands up to hurricane-force winds. Where aluminum screen porch systems would permanently warp or buckle, the PVC Screen Wall system simply bends and returns to its original shape after winds subside.