What are Knee Walls and Can They Be Integrated with Porch Screening?

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While not as prevalent as they used to be, knee walls are a type of porch railing that can still be found in many Craftsman-style houses today.

These short walls, typically 3-feet high, allow you to sit on your porch and see out into the world while providing privacy and a certain architectural look and feel. While they were inspired by the Craftsman movement, they can be configured and decorated to match almost any home design or style.

Knee walls allow for electrical wiring to be run through them and can also provide a studier backdrop for furniture. However, some screen porches are designed with knee walls solely for guardrail code compliance. If you’re designing or building a new porch and would prefer to have an open view, MeshGuard fits the bill.

Many homeowners who want to screen in their porches with knee walls aren’t quite ready to make the leap to MeshGuard to take the place of the knee walls. The good news is any of our screening products can attach to a knee wall. This allows homeowners to enjoy their existing porches without having to deal with bugs and other outdoor elements.