5 Things You Need to Know Before Installing the Mini Track System

By now you’ve watched the “Screen Project,” where Wisconsinites Eric and Tracey installed Screen Tight’s Mini Track system on their riverside screen porch. For those who haven’t been following along, here are the videos from Eric and Tracey’s Screen Project. Definitely check it out, it was a lot of fun. Now that the project is […]

The Screen Project Part 3: The End is Near

The Screen Project Part 3: The End is Near

For those who haven’t been following along, here is a brief recap of Eric and Tracey’s Screen Project. Wisconsin homeowners, Eric and Tracey, decided that 2020 was the year they were going to replace their existing screen porch. Using Screen Tight’s Mini Track system, they replaced their three-sided, riverside screen porch. The project has had […]

The Screen Project Video Series

The Screen Project Intro

What do you do when you have a dilapidated screen porch obstructing your view? That was the question Wisconsin homeowners, Eric and Tracey LaRose faced. The LaRose’s decided that instead of tearing down their existing screen porch and starting from scratch, that they would simply replace the existing screening system with Screen Tight’s Mini Track […]

Summer Screened-in Porch Project

Summer Screen Porch Project

Husband and wife DIY bloggers, Tiffany and Brandon Lotridge, recently completed a screened-in porch project on their home in Ashland, OH. Tiffany and Brandon documented it on their blog, CozyChicLifeandStyle.com and Instagram accounts. Here is what they had to say about the project and using Screen Tight. “One of our summer projects this year is […]

Screened-in Under Deck Project

Screened in Under Deck Project

Cortney, from this Everyday Life of, recently completed transforming her under deck space into a relaxing, “screened-in retreat” (as she called it). She documented her whole experience with Screen Tight in two blog posts on her site. About the Project Her first post simply titled, “Screen Tight Under Deck” documented the “how-to’s” of the project. […]

How to Plan for Your Screen Door Opening

Wrap Around Screen Porch with Five Bar Vinyl Door

A crucial and often overlooked step in the screen porch planning process is planning for your screen door opening. Not all porches require a door, but if you are looking to access your porch from the outside, it’s important to plan for your door opening. Here’s how to go about planning for your door opening. […]

Budget-Friendly Screen Porch Project

Budget-Friendly Screen Porch Project NY

Budget is a key factor when undertaking a screen porch project. However, budget doesn’t have to be the primary factor. Mike with Deck Phenom, recently shared with us a budget-friendly screen porch project he completed for a client. About the Project The project took place in Carmel, NY, a small town just outside of New […]

Three Common Types of Screening Projects

Three Common Screening Projects

One size does not fit all when it comes to undertaking a screening project. Different screening projects require different materials, tools and step-by-step instructions. Three of the mosts common types of screening projects we encounter include replacing a screen, assembling a window screen frame, and screening a porch. Below is a brief overview of each […]

Three Ways to Winterize Your Screen Porch

Updated Sep 2022 Summer has faded into fall and fall is slowly fading into winter. Now is the time to begin winter preparations, including winterizing your screened-in porch. Winterizing your screened-in porch allows you to enjoy the luxuries that your porch provides year round. Here are three ways you can winterize your screen porch. Install […]

DIY Family Screen Porch Project

DIY Screen Porch Project after

Courtney, of LifewithSeeds on Instagram, recently shared her DIY family screen porch project using Screen Tight with her audience. She transformed her existing back patio, into a relaxing, bug-free screen porch. Courtney, a mom of three boys, got her whole family involved in the project. She documented her entire screen porch journey on Instagram, from […]