Sliding Screen Door Installation Video and Tips

How to Install a Sliding Screen Door from Screen Tight

Sliding Screen Door Installation Tips

Tools Required

Tools & hardware:

  1. Phillips screwdriver to set top and/or bottom adjustment channel and for installation of strike plate
  2. You should also have a measuring tape to confirm your door size
  3. Detailed instructions

Installation Steps

Installing your Patio-Matic, Royal or Classic screen door is easy!

Sliding Screen Door InstallationA. Loosen 4 screws in top and bottom adjustment channels.

B. Place door handle on the same side as the patio door glass handle. Put operating handle to the inside.

C. Snap small plastic top guides into adjustment channel near each end. This is to be done only if original screen door is installed as in Fig. 1.
Sliding Screen Door Installation D. Place top of screen door in groove or on fin. Then lift bottom of screen door and place on bottom track.

E. Align leading edge of screen door jamb and tighten screws in bottom channel.

F. Raise top channel slightly until it moves freely and tighten both screws.

G. If bug seal is too wide, rip off excess at tear off groove. Cut off any excess length.

Sliding Screen Door InstallationH. To adjust lock mechanism, align top of strike plate with top line on door pull. Then, adjust strike plate so that the screen door latches when firmly closed. Tighten screw. To lock the door, simply slide button on handle between posts.

I. For adjustment heights between 78” and 79”, remove the upper hood assembly and let the door slide in the upper rack.


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