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Before installing Fast Track, ensure you have all the tools and supplies necessary for a successful project. Components and tools for Fast Track are sold separately.

Tools & Supplies


Fast Track Channels

FastTrack Clips

Fast Track Clips

Fiber Glass Screen


Square Spline

Flat Spline

Roller Knife Screen Tool


Chop Saw or Hacksaw

Chop Saw or Handsaw

Power Drill

Power Drill

Rubber Mallet

Rubber Mallet

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Measure your Porch

Estimate your supplies by using our porch planning worksheet to measure your area and any existing structures that need consideration.

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Find a Retailer

Once you have your measurements, find a hardware retailer near you to get everything you need to create a beautiful porch.

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How to Install Fast Track

Install Clip
Fast Track Rail
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Attach Clips to Porch Frame

Mark clip positions around the frame keeping clips aligned for proper channel installation. Attach clips a maximum of 4-in from corners and 14-in to 16-in apart using #10 x 1.5-in stainless steel screws.

Attach Channels to Clips

Cut Fast Track channels to length and snap over clips using a rubber mallet, installing the vertical channels first followed by the horizontal channels. Be sure to install vertical post before installing the horizontals.

Creating Posts & Rails by Mating Channels

One of the unique features of FASTtrack channels is that the 1-in x 2-in channels snap together to form a 2-in x 2-in post or rail.

Install vertical posts by attaching two clips stacked together in the desired location on both the top and bottom of the frame using #10 x 2-in stainless steel screws and then snapping the two FASTtrack channels to the clip using a rubber mallet.

Install horizontal posts in a manner similar to step 3 using 3″ screws to attach to the porch frame and #8 x 4.5-in zinc plated screws with nylon nut to attach the rails to the vertical posts.

Roll Screen Into Channel

Using the flat spline, Pro Rollerknife™ Screening Tool & fiberglass screen; Simply roll screen into the grooves located on either the interior or exterior of the porch. Starting with the top, working your way to the sides and bottom of each section to be screened.

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Need Project Support?

Visit our project resources or contact us if you have any questions before, during or after installation.