Coming Soon:
Garage Door Screen System & Multi-Track

Screen Tight is proud to share a preview of our upcoming Garage Door Screen System and Multi-Track. These two new innovative applications that offer remodelers installation customization and homeowners new ways to enjoy indoor-outdoor living.

Be on the lookout for more details on how you can use these products in the future!

Garage Door Screening System by Screen Tight

Screen Tight’s newest system features a new, innovative application that transforms a garage into an indoor-outdoor living area by incorporating a screening system with a series of folding doors! Designed as an alternative to fixed screens, the easy installation allows you to pull the panels or doors together when you want a screen, and when screens are not needed, simply fold them to the left and right of the opening!

The panels are made with outdoor-grade PVC profiles that incorporate the Green Eagle process of including composite materials such as carbon fiber into the panel or door frame. The result is an extremely stiff, or rigid, door that can hold up to year-round use.

  • All hardware is stainless steel.
  • Easy to install, takes less than three hours.
  • Standard sizes made to fit most garage doors.
  • Raised panels on each door or panel offer protection from pets and result in a great classic appearance. 
  • Panels go on the outside of the garage door so they do not interfere with a vehicle coming or going.
  • Easy to remove all panels and store for later use.

Multi-Track by Screen Tight

Multi-Track is a culmination of decades of experience working with homeowners, remodelers, builders, architects and anyone interested in a screened-in outdoor space. The Multi–Track can install just like the original Screen Tight system, but it features three different install methods for the Screen Tight product: surface mount, interior mount, and Flex Screen removable screen.

Surface mount: Screen Tight is applied as usual facing the outside and on the outer edge of the framing.

Interior mount: The screen is held to the frame by a trim piece that secures the mesh as opposed to rolling spline. There is also a corner system that eliminates the need to miter the corners, making it a great fit for columns and arches.

Flex Screen mount: The screen panels are attached to a flexible steel frame that eliminates the typical way screens are held into windows. Simply install screens when you want them and remove them when you don’t.

Screen Tight has learned from listening to our customers that having a variety of ways to screen a porch is important. Multi-Track is a great innovation, with patents pending, that addresses multiple configurations and methods to screen a porch with the same frame. Truly, the best of the best have been combined into a single series of profiles to accommodate almost any screen installation on an outdoor screened area. As a company, Screen Tight embraces the phrase, Innovate or Die! Multi-Track is an innovation that will become a standard over time just like the original Screen Tight product.