Screen Tight® Installation Tips

Materials Needed

Material needed
1. Screen Spline
2. Screen Tight® Base and Cap
3. Rubber Mallet
4. Pruning Shears, Tin Snips or Vinyl Cutting Shears
5. Screening Tool (recommend the Screen Tight® Roller Knife)
6. Screw gun, Drill or Screwdriver

Installation Steps

Attach base to wood
STEP 1: Attach base to wood.
Cut base to fit over wood framing. Base strips are butted together and do not require any mitering or notching. Attach the base strip to wood framing using 1" wood or sheet rock screws. Make sure to put a screw in each slot. Fasteners should be snug, but not so tight that the base strip bends. Put a screw no more that 2 inches from the end of each base strip. Do not leave base strips exposed to direct sunlight.
Roll screen into base
STEP 2: Roll screen into base.
Roll screen into base strip with appropriate spline and screening tool. For fiberglass screen use .175" diameter spline. For aluminum screen use .160" diameter spline. Start by rolling the screen into the top horizontal piece of base. After the top is rolled in, then roll the two sides and then the bottom horizontal piece of base. When screening the bottom, create screen tension by pulling down on the screen slightly. This will insure a "tight screen". A screening tool with a plastic wheel works best. Trim all excess screening with a razor knife or a Screen Tight® Roller Knife. This will insure that no screen will interfere with the cap snapping onto the base.
snap cap onto base
STEP 3: Snap cap onto base.
The cap snaps onto the base strip and serves as the trim piece. Force from a mallet, hand or small block of wood will snap the cap into place. When attaching the 3.5" cap, the inside leg of the cap should be fitted under the base leg before applying pressure. Always attach cap from one end to the other. To remove cap, start at one end and using a screwdriver gently pry the cap from the base. After getting the cap started, it is easily removed by hand.

Download Documents

» Screen Tight® Installation PDF Download PDF
» Porch Screening System Worksheet Download PDF




Screen Tight® is the maintenance free, easy to install, durable and patented spline screening system.