Solid Wood Screen Door Installation Video and Painting/Sealing Tips

How to Install a Solid Wood Screen Door from Screen Tight


How to Paint a Solid Wood Screen Door from Screen Tight


Painting your Screen Tight™ Wood Screen Door:

1. ALL Wood Doors must be sealed. This helps protect the door against the elements and extends the longevity of the product.

2. If you decide NOT to paint the door, you still need to coat it with a clear sealer before installing.

3. BEFORE Sealing, Priming or Painting your wood screen door, remove the screen. The "Removable Screen" feature makes this step fast and easy.

4. If you decide to paint your wood screen door, use a Primer first, wait until it dries, then sand the door with 100 grit sandpaper then add your coat(s) of paint.

*Remember: All edges must be Sealed or Painted top and bottom.

5. Replace screen once your wood screen door is dry.

Screen Tight™ Wood Screen Doors Specs:

Material: Pine
Mesh: 18-16 Charcoal Fiberglass

Trimming Your Wood Screen Door:
A circular saw will do the job. Simply determine the desired amount to trim. (Make sure not to trim more than 3/8" from any side and no more than 1/2" from the bottom.)

*If your wood screen door needs to be trimmed, complete before you seal, prime, or paint the door.

Screen Tight™ Hardware Options:

Material needed

Brass, Nickel, White
*Any standard screen door hardware can be used.




These Wood Screen Doors feature outstanding craftsmanship that are easy to install and even easier to customize.