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GEORGETOWN, S.C. (February 2, 2012) — Screen Tight of Georgetown, South Carolina is proud and pleased to announce that after six years, the US Patent and Trade office has issued a utility patent (U.S Patent No. #7,997,044) on it innovative and industry changing column wrap product line. The column wrap, typically comprised of foamed cellular pvc, was introduced at the International Builder Show in 2006. The product has been featured on HGTV, received numerous innovation awards and accolades from the building products industry, including being named the best new product by Remodeling Magazine in 2008.

The column wrap, known as Wrap n Snap, relies on a v grooved, temporarily hinged and taped mitered corners combined with a securement or snap lock and friction fit feature that holds the opposing ends together, allowing the glue to dry and become permanently fixed, enclosing a structural post. The product is suited for exterior or interior columns.

Guerry Green, the inventor and owner of Screen Tight, said, "it is very satisfying to receive a patent on an invention that has become a standard in the industry." He went on to say, "if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then we are very flattered because our invention has been duplicated over the last few years. Fortunately, the founders of our nation saw the need to reward innovation with patents." Green, a former home remodeler and holder of several national and international patents, claims that his years of experience in the remodeling industry taught him the value of products that save time and money. Wrap n Snap takes a fraction of the time to install versus trimming out columns on site with wood or composite trim boards.

The column wrap is complimented by an array of accessories, including many pre cut and mitered trim options. The product includes tapered and craftsmen style columns that also utilize the easy to install and assemble features of the product. Wrap n Snap is available through lumber yards and home improvement warehouses across the country. For additional information view their website, or contact them at 800 768 7325 or

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US Patent: #7,997,044