Screen Tight Porch Screening Configurator App

Porch Screening Configurator App
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Easily Plan Your Screening Project with the Screen Tight Porch Screening Configurator App

The Screen Tight® Porch Screening Configurator Application (app) was created to help take the guess work out of your screening project. The app takes you step by step through your project, from choosing your porch style, to adding a door, to the final step of choosing one of our three Screen Tight® screening systems.

Key Features:

  • Choose porch style, from one wall to three walls
  • Choose construction options for actual porch build - adding in beams and cross-members (Cost of wood and other materials for structure of porch are not included)
  • Choose from the Screen Tight® line of doors, including wood, solid vinyl or pressure-treated
  • Choose the screening system that fits your needs, including finish options
  • Calculate and print the materials list and cost of Screen Tight® products making it easy to take your list to your local home improvement store to get your project started
  • Create a profile to save your project, list of materials and estimated cost for later use

Getting Started

Downloading Application: We have two versions to use.

PC/Mac Version

Start by creating an account if you don't already have one by clicking here . To create an account you must sign up using Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. After you have created an account, download our app at or click here.

iPad Version

Download the iPad version in the Apple App Store on iTunes by searching Screen Tight.

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